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Le Cellier

Le Cellier

Our Sommelier Carlo Alberto Cogno has selected a special variety of local and international Grand Crus you can enjoy in a beautiful environment. The Valais area, with 5 259 hectares of vineyards, is the biggest wine-producing region in Switzerland. Most vineyards are located on the right bank of the Rhone Valley, from Martigny to Loeche, along 120 kilometers. More than 50 varieties of vine are cultivated at an altitude between 450 and 800 meters. The Visperterminen vineyard is more than 1000 meters high! The strong identity and excellent quality of the wine is due to the tireless work of the winemakers, the unique microclimate and the restrictive regional laws

Livre de cave

« Slow Dance »
« At the centre of the Earth »
« Smooth Sparkle »
« Scented Lights »